Illusory promise

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OPINION: The illusory promise of free-market health care miracles

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The first exception is for unilateral contracts. Mutuality of obligation is required only for bilateral contracts, that is, contracts in which a promise is exchanged for another promise. 1. An act 2. Giving up the exercise of a legal right 3. A change in legal status (bankruptcy) 4.

A promise to do any of the first three. Mark promises Tom $5, for one of his original oil paintings on the condition that he receives $2 million from his mother's will.

Problems in Consideration - Bargain Promises and the Mutuality Rule

A. Mark has made a promise that is legally sufficient. Illusory contract is a contract between two parties in which the consideration for the contract is illusionary. In such contracts one party gives as consideration a promise that is so insubstantial that it would not result in or impose any obligations.

Illusory promise Definition.

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An apparent promise that does not amount to consideration because the promisor reserves a choice for alternative performance. Contemporary Examples. of illusory.

We still seem driven by hype, by illusory health scares and benefits, by pomp, by the new and trendy, than by taste.

Illusory promise
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