Chanel target segmentation

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Also, Chanel concentrates mostly on things, so this segmentation will help to anticipate different product for others at different ages. Mintel Stylistic Goods Retailing - Diagnosis Moreover, the disintegration strategy of these brands should serve as an effective for other brands to learn to really combine functionality and emotionality in order to display to customers.

For message, compare Chanel hands designs in United Stated to Madness. Rosie Huntington- Whiteley is the whole celebrity endorsement for our previous edition product: An tailor scenario, the men write and its freedom. Chanel’s target segments are mostly all age women, so their products are focus on women.

Bases for segmenting consumer markets Marketers use segmentation bases, or variables, which are characteristics of individuals, groups, or organizations, to divide a total market into segments.

Segmentation: Market Segmentation is essentially about identifying groups of buyers within a market-place who have needs which are distinctive in the way that they deviate from the ‘average’ consumer (Palmer, ).

By segmenting the market, Chanel are able to analyse their target audience to understand their customers, and make sure the launch of Chanel Floraison.

CHANEL N°5 market segmentation

Market segmentation and target market Market Segmentation means to divide the marketplace into parts, or segments, which are definable, accessible, actionable, and profitable and have a growth potential. 1. Segmentation As saw on the market analysis 30% of men fragrances are not purchased by them.

However there is still 70% which is bought directly by men.

Chanel Floraison

So we will first focus on men as our main target. During our study we have noticed a tendency on men's usage of fragrance according their age. The market segmentation of CHANEL NO.5 is based on the individual performance and consumers pay more attention to the spiritual value.

There are some segmentation factors such as mentality, age, geography and behavior (Aaker, ). Chanel's geographic segmentation is expansive with a large market in Asia and Europe.

Chanel has over stores world wide, mainly in metropolitan cities such as, New York, Miami, Paris, Moscow, etc.

Chanel target segmentation
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