An account of a person living with an eating disorder

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What It’s REALLY Like to Live With an Eating Disorder

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Coping Strategies for Families and Partners of an Individual Living With an Eating Disorder

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Living with, or emotionally supporting someone with an eating disorder can be time consuming and draining. Take time out—ensure that you have appropriate avenues of self-care, and use them. This may take the form of regular outings with friends, time set aside for pursuing an interest or hobby, or simply taking time each day to relax with a.

Living With Bulimia: Kathy Benn

Living with an eating disorder stresses you out and breaks you down mentally and physically. And during those small periods of time, where you aren't being degraded by your own mind, you end up too tired and exhausted and stressed out to do much of anything.

This fictional account takes you into the mind of a young college-age woman living with this disorder. Please note that stories of people with eating disorders (even fictional ones) can be triggering to those with these disorders.

Depending on the severity of the eating disorder, controlled exercise (monitored by a healthcare professional) could be beneficial. Someone with minimal disordered eating issues could gain self-esteem and self-confidence from exercise in an uncontrolled environment.

Living With Bulimia: Kathy Benn. A mother describes her daughter's struggle with an eating disorder that finally ended in death.

An eating disorder is a complex psychological illness that often comes with negative or dangerous physical consequences. It’s hard to be affected by an eating disorder as it can come with many extreme fears that seem so legitimate to the .

An account of a person living with an eating disorder
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